About the 4myheart® Program

The 4myheart Program provides personalized care to help patients improve their cardiac health. Enrollment is easy and all that is needed is a Cardio IQ® test to get started. With this test result information, a Clinical Educator, in partnership with the patient’s physician, creates a personalized plan to address the patient’s risks for heart disease and stroke.

The 4myheart program provides a personal touch through individual and group education, resulting in proven weight loss and cardiovascular risk reduction. The following areas are addressed with each patient:

  • Nutrition: Eat the right kind and portion of foods
  • Exercise: Choose the appropriate frequency, type, and intensity of exercise
  • Stress: learn and practice stress-relieving techniques
  • Medication: discuss how they work, why they are needed, and how to prevent side-effects

The 4myheart program is available to all patients at no additional charge and includes:

If you have had a test and your physician participates in the 4myheart program, call 1-800-Heart-89 (800-432-7889) to set an appointment with a Clinical Educator.

About 4myheart.com

The 4myheart.com website is a tool for patients participating in the 4myheart program. It contains educational information, all of the patient’s goals, opportunities to interact with a clinical educator and the rest of the 4myheart patient community, and, most importantly, simple logging tools to record and track progress toward the patient’s heart healthy goals.

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